The Laura and Gary Lauder Family Venture Philanthropy Fund invests in
visionary leaders and projects that have the potential to create lasting impact.

Current Initiatives

DeLeT Alumni Network

Created in 2008
Inspired by Teach for America, which recruits a diverse group of leaders to teach in public schools, in 2002 Laura founded DeLeT to recruit and train teachers for leadership positions at Jewish Day Schools. Learn More


Franklin Project at the Aspen Institute

Created in 2013
The Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project seeks to improve citizenship by giving every young person in America the opportunity to do a fully paid, full-time year of service anywhere in the country… Learn More


Jewish Teen Foundation Board Incubator

Created in 2014
Based on the model of giving circles, Jewish Teen Foundation Board programs offer teens the opportunity to explore Jewish values and ideas, develop leadership skills, and practice philanthropy.  Learn More


Lauder Family Giving Circle

Created in 2012 
Laura and Gary Lauder adhere to the Torah’s commandment that it is the responsibility of each generation to give back to the community in pursuit of making the world a better place.   Learn More

Lessons Learned

Welcome to our 20th Anniversary Reflections

Welcome to the website explaining the 20-years of philanthropy of Laura and Gary Lauder. This site describes Laura’s philanthropy over 20 years. For an overview of Gary’s venture capital, please visit: We are pictured here at the White House, as we are patriotic Americans who care deeply about our country and improving the lives of others here and all over the world. We are a Silicon Valley couple who use a “venture philanthropy” approach to giving, and we are passionate about three key areas: education, leadership development, and the Jewish community/Israel. We are deeply involved – both financially and through our own leadership – in the organizations that we support. Laura serves on the boards of 15 organizations. Here, you can read about our theory of change, our mission statement, and about our personally launched or co-launched initiatives and organizations/programs that we are currently funding. If you are a nonprofit, we hope you’ll be inspired by the organizations we support. If you are a philanthropist, we are delighted to connect with you to potentially partner in any of our key areas – if they are key areas for you as well. Inquiries can be directed to Debbie Findling, our extraordinary professional, who can be reached at Thank you for your interest – and let us pursue tikkun olam together. Best, Laura & Gary Lauder March... read more